Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012 ... Hello 2013

Hope you are enjoying the final day of 2012; or the fresh start of a brand new 2013.

As the final hours of the year approach quickly I can’t help but ponder on all the things that have occurred in the last year. So much can change in a minute let alone “five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes.” But 2012 was a leap year and we had 527,040 minutes to enjoy life, learn lessons, have fun and get some sleep. I enjoy the last one a lot but this year I didn’t get as much of it as other years. My commitment to living life everyday as if it were the last was renewed during my breathless stay in the hospital this past February. It’s usually takes these drastic moments that force us to wake up and realize how insignificant the little things are truly.

There was motivation to get out of there and make changes in my life. I started the hard battle to quit smoking for good this time and loose weight. But have been a challenging struggle but I’ve made great strides with both. Some things seem not to be too toxic in small doses but they build up in your system and eventually prove to be extremely harmful long term. I found this to be true of a few relationships and decide it was time to quit them for good.

The week spent there made me evaluate all aspects of my life, the people that surrounded me, the kinds of people that I wanted to continue to surround myself with, and who proved to be real friends. It was that week I realized that some things are hard to quit and let go but we must learn to let them go. When I signed the release papers and walked out of the hospital I had left behind & quit a few toxic elements of past 13 years, which I’ll never want to bring back into my life. I’m thankful for learning this and having the strength to let go.

But this year also brought many great things with it as well. I’ve meet a few great people, some who will always remain in my life and others who albeit only crossed paths with me will forever hold a spot dear to my heart because they made an impression. For these people I’m thankful because they resurrected different parts of my being that I had allowed to die inside of me. No mater how short their cameo appearance they will not be forgotten.

I’ll have much more for you all next year but until then many great things for a Happy New Year to all!! The sun has now set on this day of mine and it’s time for me to get ready to greet 2013 with open arms. Welcoming all the new experiences and people that will come with it. 

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